Frequently Asked Questions

How is FAIDASASA linked to business?
FAIDASASA is an e-commerce and network marketing site that give all its activated members chance to conduct online businesses and earn substantial income.
How do I register?
Creating a FAIDASASA account is very simple. Simply click on the join now button at the top of the page, you will be redirected to a registration page where you shall provide your details. Upon successful registration you will be required to make payment to activate your account and access features.
What are people registering to do?
Registration is free and people are buying our success system it’s like investing as your own boss since you are not an employee when you buy our success system but your own boss.
When are bonuses realized?
Earnings/bonuses are realized upon successful uptake and payment by third party. For instance, if your refreal registers and activates their account, the referal bonus is instantly credited to your account. Product bonuses are also credited in the same manner.
How do i withraw my earnings?
You can withdraw your earnings any day, any time as long as they are above the set mininum withdrawal threshold. the withrawal facility is accessible from your account once you are logged in. You will also have access to your transactions statement.
How will the people in the level 9 benefit?
The people in your level 9 doesn’t mean they’re the last in the chain. They are also in level 8 of your 1st level and they’re the leaders of their new team and they can be in your level nine but they can also build a tree and earn as you up to their own level 9.
How else do the members in FAIDASASA benefit apart from the referral marketing?
According to the package one chooses and activates him / she is given variety of our web based products that you can resale and earn a substantial commission.
How is the FAIDASASA helping the society?
FAIDASASA is trying to eradicate poverty in our communities by use of our easy yet beneficial pay plan.
What is the benefit of monthly payment?
The monthly payment is there to make sure that you have residual income every month when your downlines pay their monthly fee too.
Do people really make money doing this?
Yes, but the only people who do are those who treat this like a business and work at it every day. Money is made when products or services are sold within your network, so if you want to earn a solid income, you'll need to recruit a network of people who are buying and selling products or services. The company provides excellent training and will be there to help you succeed, but ultimately the success or failure of your business is up to you.
How much time does this require?
That'll depend upon your goals. If you would like to make a few dollars a month, you could probably invest five hours a week or less. However, if you want to develop a full-time income so that you can fire your boss and enjoy more freedom of time, then you'll need to invest at least 15 hours a week. The great part is that there are tools to help you leverage that time.
Do I have to talk my friends and family into network marketing, too?
This can be a life-changing business. Those who succeed enjoy complete time and financial freedom, and you should only offer this business to those who want the benefits.
How much money can I expect to make?
This is your own business - so you decide how much money you want to make! Just retailing products to friends, family and work colleagues, you can expect to make around $200 per month. Significantly larger incomes arise from building a team of people who are doing the same as you - using these great natural products themselves and sharing them with others. There is no limit to the size of income you can achieve. The income is quite small while you are learning the system, although with hard work and commitment it can grow rapidly. Within five to twelve years, incomes of $3000 per month and more are realistic.
Will I have to quit my present job?
No. Over 90% of people start their Network Marketing career on a very part-time basis. 7 - 10 hours a week is normal. As your Network Marketing income grows, build up a reserve of funds for yourself. Then, when your Networking income outstrips your salary, you can re-evaluate your position. That way you have security and an income while you learn and develop your new business. It is likely that your networking income will provide a better pension-pot too!
How much time does it take?
There is no precise answer to this but you should plan to spend at least 7 - 10 hours a week during the first few months. You can devote more time if your circumstances allow. In the first few months, most of your time is used to learn about the business, to develop your customer base, and to identify a few key people who want to join your team and commit to doing what you are doing. In the later months, your time is leveraged through the efforts of your whole team. As your team grows you begin to build up your income base.
Do I have to know lots of people?
No. Although it's surprising just how many people we all do know without realizing it. You only need a few good people who are serious about changing their lives and who have a real desire to make it happen. Unlike a traditional job, everyone is a potential candidate for your business. It may appeal to people who are excluded from traditional employment, such as retired people whose pensions are inadequate, mothers at home with children, people with no qualifications etc., as long as they have a strong desire to create additional income and improve their financial prospects and their health.
Will I get the support I need?
Absolutely. FAIDASASA has a well-established support system in place - you can simply plug into it. Network Marketing is also a team effort, it is a classic win-win situation. If we help you become successful and make money, then we benefit too.
Do I have to be a super salesperson to be successful?
No. We find traditional sales tactics don't work. People tend not to respond to being sold to. Just talk to people about their health and what they are looking for in their life. Being successful in Network Marketing is about sharing something you feel good about, whether it's the products or the business.
Is Network Marketing a stable business system or a passing fad?
For well over half a century Network Marketing has been growing steadily as a business system. As computer technology has developed to handle huge volume distribution, it means many multinationals, including Faida sasa, are using Network Marketing to grow specific sections of their business. Far from becoming an obsolete fad - Network Marketing is truly the hyper-growth industry of the future.
How much will it cost me to get started?
The actual amount will vary according to your needs and goals. Starting a home-based Network Marketing career is ridiculously low in cost, in comparison to virtually any other forms of small, home-based business. You can activate any package of your choice if you wish.
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